Another Dispatch from the Trenches

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The process of doing a transition in my online presence is taking longer than I thought. I was hoping by today I would have been able to get myself caught up on others’ posts, but that hope has been dashed.

One thing that has come to my attention is I have discovered a number of people who I follow somehow dropped out of my profile. If I went to their blog, it would indicate I was following them, just as it did when I looked at the list provided on the “insights” stats page. Yet if I went to the “manage” page for the blogs I follow on the Reader side, the blogs were not to be found.

As a consequence, I was no longer receiving email notifications of new posts from a number of people. I had to unfollow them, then follow them (sometimes I had to repeat this process of unfollowing then following two or three times) before the appropriate blog appeared on the “manage” page and I could turn the email notification on.

So hopefully by next Saturday I will be all caught up and on top of people’s new posts. In order to keep as little on my online plate as I can, I will hold off posting a magnetic poetry challenge until next week.

Thanks to everyone for trekking over to this new site and I do look forward getting caught up on what you all have been posting as of late.


  1. WordPress is really wonky about the whole following thing. I’ve had to go in search of bloggers who I thought I was following by who somehow dropped.

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    • I do remember a little ways back some people mentioning they had this experience, too. Given the number of sites that they host, I am sure it is database nightmare to work with if it should a burp in the system. I suppose one could think it is amazing that it works as well as it does. Still, it is frustrating as all get out.


  2. I’ve had email notifications from blogs I follow just stop coming all of a sudden, and I’ve had to re-follow the blogs. My pingbacks don’t show up either. I’m convinced there are WordPress gremlins. You’ll get it all sorted out eventually. 🙂

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  3. That’s exactly what happened to me three different times — and I wasn’t even revamping my blog. I lost a third of my blogs the last time. You just gotta sort it all out. It’s a pain in the keister!

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  4. I remember a few months back when I kept trying to follow a blog. No matter how many times I tried, the blog just wouldn’t show up in my feed or emails. I still don’t know why, but it finally resolved itself. 🙂

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  5. So glad I wasn’t the only one this happened to – I just thought it was me being rubbish at computers again, but some how in my sleep and with no memory of how it happened…quite a comfort all in all :-}

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  6. Well I made it here finally 🙂 As far as the wordpress issues, I had to post a similar explanation of what was happening tome as well. The follow thing doesn’t work. The only way to ensure a follow now is to go on the webpage itself and check. When people see that they are not following a person in the stats when in reality they are- they press follow and it will unfollow because they are already following. So everyone is confused by this. Over 500 free and paid themes were/are vulnerable to attacks. However, I believe this is just a glitch in the system when monitoring it.

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    • Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 It would be nice to be able to trust the notification / email system, but it would seem that an occasional sweep through the blog being followed is necessary to feel one has been thorough.


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