The Sun Never Stands Still

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My Photography / My Poetry

IMG_6312 (1)_picmonkeyed

like the sparks
arising in their multitudes
within our hearts
each shadow
inherits previous shadow
none lasting more
than a moment

Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #52 – Shadow


    • thank you…glad to know the words resonated. After i took this photo recently (of a Wells Fargo bank in Grand Junction, CO, by the way), I wondered how I was going to use it. Then when I saw the prompt of Shadow, I quickly remembered the photo.

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  1. Love the picture! But the words… the words! Every line divine and as deep as the shadows they discuss. And yet, so quickly passing, as all good things seem to be…

    “None lasting more than a moment…” Indeed!

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    • thank you. while i’ve been writing off and on my whole life, photography is just something relatively recently i’ve started to take seriously, so it is nice to read reflections such as yours that see an improvement. 🙂

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